Plastic injected moulded parts – from the idea to the finished moulded part. We offer everything under one roof.
Plastic injected moulded parts


Customised solutions are our speciality. Your ideas are designed and developed using state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems and then undergo a highly automated production process ready for the special finish and final assembly.

Whether component assembly or the use of different welding methods such as infrared or ultrasonic welding, your components are in the right hands with us. With in-mould decoration (IMD), screen printing, hot stamping or pad printing we are able to add sophisticated and individual surface designs.

Plastic injection moulding

In the last decades, we focused on and specialized in the area of various injection moulding and specialized methods. Apart from the conventional injection moulding we also offer in-mould-decoration (IMD), variotherm technology, gas-injection-technology (GIT), cascade injection moulding as well as the overmoulding of inserts. A. & J. Stöckli AG stands for plastic production made in Switzerland.

ISO certified quality standards

In cooperation with our business partners, we define the specific quality specifications and check the products accordingly. We regularly carry out material, product and production inspections and record the results, thus ensuring that the individual customer requirements for the plastic parts are consistently implemented. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

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Plastic injected moulded parts


Plastic injected moulded parts from our production are used in various industries: from mechanical and apparatus engineering to household appliances, building utilities and building supplies.

The earlier in the concept phase you get in touch with our plastics specialists the better. You will save cost and profit from our expertise with regards to the choice of materials, the engineering of your parts, the efficiency of the production methods and the correct packaging. We can easily live up to customer expectations when it comes to the production of made to measure parts.

An eye for the customer needs

Timely management of customer projects is key. Our interdisciplinary teams of technical specialists and our global network of specialized partners ensure that we can successfully implement individualized projects for you.

State-of-the-art methods for a sophisticated finished product

We create individual solutions in plastic in close cooperation with our customers. We set-up structured process concepts and support you in choosing the suitable raw materials. If need be, we work with external partners, create prototypes, create filling studies and warpage analyses.

Injection moulding tool

Our experienced tool specialists know what to look out for and develop a product-specific tool concept. Depending on customer requirements, component geometry, surface quality and choice of synthetic material, we develop the right solutions for you with regard to tool design, tool realization, maintenance and storage.

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Plastic injected moulded parts


Stöckli has been manufacturing household appliances for the global market for almost 140 years. Our Moulded Parts Technology division designs plastic moulded parts and produces them in the company’s own injection moulding plant in Netstal, Switzerland.

Considerate and sustainable use of resources

Whenever possible, we rely on recycling. By recycling up to 1000 tonnes of various plastics per year, we can avoid massive emissions of greenhouse gases.

For electrical energy, we can rely on our in-house hydroelectric power station and the hydroelectric energy generated in the area. The cooling systems of the machines and tools as well as the heating of the buildings are operated with CO2-neutral energy from the groundwater. The waste heat from the production facilities is in turn used to heat the premises. A. & J. Stöckli no longer makes use of fossil energy.

Thanks to these technologies, the company is at the fore of the conservation of resources and environmental friendliness.

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