Your partner for tool maintenance and repair

Our team of experienced toolmakers ensures consistently high tool quality. They regularly clean and check the shape of the tools. Regular maintenance and professional service guarantee smooth production cycles.

Tools with up to ten tons of closing pressure are maintained by our on-site tool maintenance team, which can carry out repairs such as micro welding, high-gloss polishing, cylinder repairs and much more. Furthermore, the team can also carry out flexible, efficient and exact tool repair on behalf of our customers.

Excellent tool availability – thanks to our in-house repair service

Tools must be in immaculate condition to ensure that production orders can be carried out efficiently and at a high quality. This is why our toolmakers constantly check the tools and can also carry out repairs on behalf of our customers.

  • Regular checks and tool maintenance
  • In-house tool maintenance service ensures tools are fully functional and instantly deployable
  • Professional tool maintenance and repair service on behalf of our customers.